The Alumni Association has been established with the following objectives:

1. To promote the Marian virtues of simplicity, generosity, gratitude, and joy among graduates in fostering unity and camaraderie;
2. To help develop and enhance one’s potentials through activities leading to competence and life-long skills;
3. To support the Alma Mater in sustaining her mission to the poor;
4. To establish an effective communication system and comprehensive database;
5. To provide appropriate assistance to the graduates as the need arises; and
6. To actively participate in socio-economic upliftment for God and fellowmen.


A leading organization armed with Christian principles, one in its effort of breaking free from a life of poverty, thereby, stabilizing its monetary condition and facing a greater challenge of having its graduates the future donors & benefactors of the Sisters of Mary (in sustaining its mission to the poor) without sacrificing moral & spiritual integrity towards collectively achieving both human & Godly desires.