Chapter Accreditation Guidelines

Finalized: ASMSI International Convention 2015 || Sisters of Mary School, Girlstown Complex, Talisay City, Cebu | Updated: 19 August 2015


  • At least 25 members in each chapter in order to qualify for accreditation. Applicable only to local chapters. At least 7 members for International chapters. 
  • Submit Letter of Application addressed to the ASMSI President and noted by the President of the nearest Local ASMSI Office (ASMSI – Cavite, ASMSI – Cebu or ASMSI – International)  where they belong stating their intention to form a chapter including their objectives, future plans & purpose for the said chapter, Members list, Officers (if already available) & by-laws (if applicable). 
  • Personal appearance of group chapter officer/s or official representative to ASMSI Local Office is needed upon submission of requirements for accreditation. For chapter applicant in the Visayas & Mindanao area report to ASMSI – Cebu office c/o Rammy M. Ydquila (President ASMSI-Cebu), for Luzon area report to ASMSI – Cavite office c/o Jenny Ortiz / Merlie Esplana and for International Chapter accreditation correspondence should be directed to ASMSI International office c/o  Sheryll Ferrer (Coordinator)ASMSI International representative will conduct a series of online correspondences to ensure that all documents submitted by the petitioning international chapter are accurate.
  • Chapter applicant is allowed to create their own by-laws as long as it will not violate the ASMSI by-laws & its purpose is for the good of everybody.
  • There must only be one chapter per defined geographical area or location to avoid overlapping of chapter and confusion of members. In this way, ASMSI will truly achieve unity among its members.


  • Accreditation Fee – Every chapter must pay Php 2,000.00 to the MainOffice so that they will be recognized and be given accreditation certificate.
  • One time Membership Fee – Each member of the chapter applying for accreditation must pay the membership fee of Php50.00. Payments should be directed to the ASMSI Main Office for accreditation processing. 
  • Annual Renewal Fee – Each Chapter must pay Php500.00 for the renewal of the certificate of accreditation, this is to monitor if their chapter is still active. Payments should be directed to the ASMSI Main Office for renewal processing.


  • Once application is completed and verified by ASMSI Main office, an official letter will be sent and an accreditation certificate will be given to the newly approved chapter. 
  • Once accredited, an official logo will be given to the chapter which is the same as ASMSI’s but with the chapter name on it.
  • Annual report must be submitted to the nearest Local ASMSI Office (ASMSI – Cavite, ASMSI – Cebu or ASMSI – International) after each calendar year and pay the annual renewal fee.
  • Chapter recognition will be given on the following AIC to formally welcome the chapter to the ASMSI family.