About SMS Philippines

The Sisters of Mary started its operation in the Philippines in 1985 through its founder, Ven. Aloysius Schwartz, upon the invitation of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin. Fr. Al, as he is fondly called, and the Sisters work primarily by establishing Boystowns and Girlstowns that serve as a school and home for deserving students coming from poor families all over the country. The Sisters take proper care of the indigent youth entrusted to them by giving them free food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental services, and quality high school education.

With complete facilities and highly qualified teachers, each Boystown and Girlstown School aims to achieve excellence in both academic and vocational training. Because these students are living inside the school, additional hours are spent in studying and training. Aside from the required academic subjects in the secondary education, the students are also equipped with technical – vocational skills.

With discipline, good working attitude, and love for virtues instilled in the minds of the students, the Sisters of Mary Schools aim to provide graduates with fully equipped knowledge that will lead them to a better life of an ideal Christian.

Students at the Girlstown Schools are being trained in the following: dressmaking, industrial sewing machine operation, steno-typing and bookkeeping, electronics, advanced dress making and basic computer systems, call center training and culinary arts.

Students at the Boystown Schools are being trained in the following skills: Electricity and Electronics, Machine Shop and Welding, Computer Technology (CADD), Automechanics and Driving, Mechanical Process, Agriculture Technology and Culinary Arts

To qualify for the live-in high school offered by the Sisters of Mary, applicant must:

a. have completed his/her elementary education;
b. belong to the poorest of the poor family;
c. pass the interview and screening conducted by the Sisters

The Sisters of Mary Schools join hands with the industry sectors for the upliftment of our country’s economy by providing honest, dynamic and disciplined workers who would be responsible enough to answer the needed workforce in the different industries.