Career Orientation/ Pre-Employment Seminar Workshop for Sisters of Mary Graduating Class

A pre-employment seminar workshop/career-orientation seminar is conducted among graduating 4th year students to help them be equipped of what lie ahead in their future work places or schools. It will immerse them to the realistic scenario where they have to learn maturity in psychological, social and financial aspect of their lives.

Some of the things being highlighted are:

1. Budget & Finance Management
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Micro-financing
4. Goal Setting & Time Management
5. Knowing One’s Self
6. Work Environment
7. College Life
8. Stress Management
9. Love and Courtship

ASMSI invites speakers who could serve as inspiration of our younger brothers & sisters and relate their experiences about their jobs and studies.

Employment Assistance

ASMSI, through its established linkages to some companies, assists graduates on job vacancies and refers them for job opportunities in culinary arts, electronics, machine shop and welding, dressmaking, automotive, computer/Auto-CAD and Call Centers.

Networking & Linking Strategies

ASMSI continues its effort of establishing networking and linking strategies to other companies, agencies, and other groups and individuals, particularly fellow-alumni in order to assist other graduates in need of jobs, scholarships and additional sources of income, also by providing seminars on Entrepreneurship, Micro-business, etc.

Fr. Al’s Retreat House

“A place for Recollection, Individual or Group Retreat and Contemplative Experience…”

Located within the Sisters of Mary Girlstown Complex, Fr. Al’s Retreat House aims to enrich our spiritual being. Likewise, we may invite our families, peers/friends, co-employees, parishioners and other groups to promote our devotion to the Blessed Mother, the Virgin of the Poor, and spread the love of Christ through our dear founder, Ven. Al Schwartz and the Sisters of Mary’s charitable works. Retreatants, however, may hold their own activities according to their desired schedules.

It has six air conditioned dormitory-type rooms, two non air conditioned dormitory-type rooms and two private rooms with complete amenities. There is also a dining hall, a function hall for group seminars and activities, and a small conference room for small groups and talks.

Msgr. Al’s Schwartz Memorial Center further reminds and shows us the testimony of our founder to the Virgin’s message of relieving the suffering of the Poor. We are reminded of Fr. Al’s love for Christ and true devotion to the Blessed Mother. With the memorabilia inside, we can’t help but have a reflection…of how the love of God reached us through Fr. Al!

Within its vicinity are:

The Virgin of the Poor Chapel

It is a replica chapel of the Virgin of the Poor in Banneux, Belgium where the apparitions of the Blessed Mother to little Mariette Beco occurred. The message is also clear – that this is a place for prayer. Fr. Al wanted us not to be fat little ducks waddling in the mud but to be eagles destined to rise above, to explore the world of God and we can do this by praying.

In this chapel also lie the remains of Fr. Al Schwartz, now a Servant of God. As the process for his beatification and canonization is on progress, we have but prayers that we can offer most importantly to partake in our mission of bringing him into the Altar of God in the company of other Saints.

The Virgin of the Poor Font

“My child, plunge your hands into the water…”

It is by our devotion to the Blessed Mother and our faith that we will be able to come to Jesus. The spring of water is inviting so we could inherit the Kingdom of God, being Mary as Mediatrix of all graces. To Jesus, through Mary.

At the right side of the Fount is a candle house where we could light a candle and say our intentions.

Fr. Al’s Retreat House Chapel

It has 250-300 seating capacity located within the Retreat House. It has a second floor intended for the choir. Spiritual healing through confession could be held at a private Confessional box at the rear side of the chapel. Holy Mass and spiritual activities could be held here.