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Alumnus of the Month - April 2014
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ASMSi News Bulletin

Lenten Recollection 2014

Lent is a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works in preparation of the celebration of Easter.  Please join us in this meaningful activity of repentance of sin, renewal of our ...

Let's join the SMS Children's b-day & celebration on August 11, 2013 at our SMS Campuses

It's a tradition of love and sharing, of making thousands of our SMS brothers and sisters happy Come and join the celebration of their birthday on August 11, 2013 at each of the campuses in Cavite &...

Send in the list of your two delegates per batch/chapter for the upcoming ASMSI Intern'l Convention (AIC) on Aug. 3-4, 2013 at SMS Biga, Silang, Philippines

Towards one direction: Refresh. Reach Out. Return! From among your batches and chapters locally and abroad, whether already accredited or still in the process of forming, kindly send in the lis...

2012 ASMSI Batches/Chapters Donation to FACFI

Thank you very much! dear ASMSI Members/Batches and Chapters for your generous donations to the Fr. Al's Children Foundation, Inc. (FACFI) for 2012. This Summary of Donations for 2012 is for those...

Famous Profiles Famous Members
aalmaida, 95 profile views
Batch 1994 from STA. MESA. AS, ADB
firefly, 63 profile views
Batch 1992 from STA. MESA. Musician / Vocalist, Traders Hotel Deira Dubai
rizk^_^zkater, 52 profile views
Batch 1995 from STA. MESA. Admin. Sec., HIGC
grivera_1991, 30 profile views
Batch 1991 from STA. MESA. Planning Manager, Emirates Precast Construction L.L.C.
vkey, 29 profile views
Batch 1991 from STA. MESA.
scorpio@81, 25 profile views
Batch 1999 from BIGA. Lead Requirements Analyst - HCM Product Development, Gurango Software Corporation
angie09, 24 profile views
Batch 2007 from BIGA. none, none
ces, 22 profile views
Batch 1991 from STA. MESA. Local- Account officer, Sportzplus Corporation
lanimonje, 16 profile views
Batch 1992 from STA. MESA. TUV
angeloarroyo, 14 profile views
Batch 1995 from BIGA.
April Birthday Celebrants
Catherine C. De Belen, Jeffrey D. Sinina, Eric E. Evangelista, Ma. Antonia E. Valencia, Lilibeth S. Valera, Gloria N. Garcia, Mahrielle S. Pumarada, Nolan A. Zambales, Roderick D. Gamotin, Rosel R. Meca, Cynthia Maye A. Escareses, Crystian S. Cadiz, Lenebeth M. Abijay, Wilmer V. Rombaoa Jr., Omar Jude D. Billate, Mildred A. Apo, Regielyn E. Evora, Ailene S. Almacin, Maribeth B. Lambino, Louie P. Guteza, Cherry Ann E. Dialogo, Alvin S. Celeridad, Hepcel M. Osarez, Jaypee E. Orbania, Olivia O. Butalid

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