Missionary of Goodwill (Arlene Tan)

Testimonies - Arlene Tan Arlene Tan was one of the first batch graduates from Talisay Cebu. She became part of the spiritual family of the Sisters of Mary right after she graduated but eventually realized that there is more help she could give to the real world so decided to conquer life outside the arms of the the loving family of the Sisters of Mary.


As I carry on with my journey, I am continuing to rediscover myself as a child of the Sisters of Mary. In my admiration for myself and the inspiration I derive from my peak experiences from this Alma Mater (SISTERS OF MARY), a momentous happiness and joy came out. It is my prayer that these experiences I have from the teachings of my alma mater will nourish the beauty of my existence and living. This will be mine, wherever I am. And I will continue to strive and share for the better and learn from it.

As I walk through life, along paths that I seldom met, I will always be grateful for all the teachings of Father Al. God has given him to me, taught me to walk on and able to understand how life must be spend with, not much of pleasure but much of what you can please yourself, your neighbors and God.

Of course, I can never forget one of my peak experiences entering the convent of the Sisters of Mary, which is full of responsibility, service towards God and the children. From this, I have learned how to become mature in giving in, when to let go and hold on to complicated things.

It’s my experience also seeing the man behind the success of every individual who through the test of time became missionaries of good will and evangelistic recreations. I can never forget Father Al who tapped my head and said …“You are blessed by God, He loves you”. I am one of those happy faces who look forward the visitation of Father Al in Cebu; I will never forget this Man---who changed my life from rags to successful child of God in every aspects of life. This good man will ever be my spiritual Father who contributed a great part of my life. Without him, I will never be where I am now…if one were to keep memories in my treasure chest; I would need a large one to contain the many beautiful recollections of my days in the Sisters of Mary. And the most important figures in those memories would be my truest values a presence often taken for granted by many. It goes where you want it. Whatever the time of day, whatever the traffic conditions. Meanwhile, you hear of the voices of the sisters taking pride in their newfangled sets routed to deliver the moon or move heaven, and reach the ends of the earth. Say, across the road of holiness.

I have been meditating on and off for many years. I thought I knew all I needed to know about the frustrations in life and all I had to do was put in the time and do it. – I was wrong! I still have this man who became the Servant of God who will not leave me empty…it is my fervent prayer that Father Al will always stay in our hearts even in the saddest part of our life. 

To Father Al thank you very much…it’s been 13 years of much success after graduating from your institution where faith, love and hope are taught and brought to us free… until now I still believe that Father Al is working on my faith….

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