Fr. Al Filled My Life's Blank Pages (Beth Nebres)

Whenever I read articles, books, essays, I always try to know some information about the author. I admire people who are capable of writing interesting articles or any literary pieces; somehow I wish to be like them..I wish to be an author of a certain book or inspirational article to inspire or touch other lives... but indeed, its not easy.

Everytime i plan to write, and try to figure out how i was going to squeeze out all the ideas i wanted to express. I realize that this dilemma is similar to my life. My life is a notebook full of blank pages. And these blank pages are to be filled with our daily experiences. Our achievements or frustrations, joys and sorrows are contents of these pages. I filled out several blank pages of my life. Turning back to those pages I've filled out brings me back all those things that made a big mark into my life.

At the age of 12 I became an orphan, but this incident did not stop me to continue in what I really want in life; that is to keep going towards the reality of dreams.

That tragic experience did not become a stumbling block for me toward success. I mourned, yes, and then, I accepted the fact that my parents cannot be with me anymore. I did not dwell on my loss, since I could no longer do anything about it.

Indeed God listens to our prayer. He knows my need and through the work of Fr. Al I was able to make difference into my life. Having had a chance to study and stay in the place i called "Heaven on Earth", the Sisters of Mary School. the institution where I have realized almost all the important things in life. I would say that I was transformed into a better person, endowed with courage and faith that whatever happens, I won't give up!

When I left my "Heaven on Earth" I carried with me the great enthusiasm and determination to make difference into my life, and again God, is so good for bringing me to another place where I have made another strong foundation for my future. I got another scholarship in college from first year to fourth year.

During my college life, encountered a lot of trials. knew that a new phase of my life would bring several challenges for me; several challenges that would make me shed sweat and tears. It is a matter of winning and of losing.We canot be winners all the time.

Trials and difficulties in life were even more difficult when I started with my real journey, after college.

Every time I encounter a difficulty that stops me from succeeding, I remind myself that there are thousands who may have experienced something worse;but they nver give up, yet they have succeeded, anyway. And so, i tell myself, I will suceed! Sometimes, we need top lose to taste the real sweetnes of being a winner.

I have been a loser- several times and I know i will be. But the act of taking the first step seperates a winner from a loser. No matter what the situation is, there is always something that i can do. I can simply change my attitude toward anything. I am fully responsible for my life, how I feel, whom i hang around with and how others see me... In the midst of hardships and trials, I've met different people who contributed a lot to my existence. they opened my eyes to the reality of what really life is.

I have done mistakes but upon realizing its wrong, I do something to correct myself. Mistakes I have done in the past are not reason for me to be stucked on it and make a mess with my life.

Life is what you make it. It is the reflection of our actions.

Time and again, I have bheen a failure. but someone above me has given me enough strength and power to endure and move forward. Giving up has knocked at my door severla times, but, i never welcome it. All my experiences with those people I have mingled with are inscribed on those pages of my life. Everything- my achievements, my frustrations, the laughters and tears are contents of those pages. And all those pages will always be part of all the pages of my life. All the experiences yesterday are part of today; and all these experiences that we had will alwyas be part of the future. Frustrations and mistakes done and committed in the past will never be ommitted. They will always be part of the our present anf future. yet, there are always blank pages reserved for our new experiences.


Every morning is a new blank page to be filled with new experiences, to change and improve what was wrong yesterday. Every morning is is a new blank page that offers a chance to be everyone to be a better person. It is about time for you to think of all the blank pages of your life and how are you going to fill out those blank pages, if you want to finish reading your book, go with its chapters as you turn the pages of your life.

(Father Al, the Sisters of Mary School and those people who have believed on my ability and who trusted me are indeed reasons, why, I was able to fill out those blank pages of my life quite different. and as i go on with my life, I will always try to make diffrence.)


Beth Nebres
SMS Sta Mesa Branch
Batch 2000

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