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The Alumni of the Sisters of Mary School in Cebu has been in existence for a number of years already. As an Association, it seeks to foster: loyalty and pride to the Sisters of Mary School, commitment and communications between and among the graduates and current students. It also intends to reach out to its Alumni constituency in as many ways as possible, so as to rebuild and forge connections into ongoing, engaging relationships, renew and strengthen friendships made in the campuses and nurture lifelong relationships with and among current and future Alumni members. Furthermore, it seeks to make known to the whole world, with its Alumni members as living examples, the goodwill, commitment, community service and greatness of The Sisters of Mary School as an institution.

Thus, building a greater community of The Sisters of Mary School in the realm of the real world, a community we can call our own and can be proud members of!

As an Association, WE:


Our current and future alumni members; The Sisters of Mary School and its teachings; and The lifelong connections and relationships we all intend to build.


“Putting Current and Future Alumni First: Together Serving the Lord With Joy!”

Embrace Our Mission:

To enhance lifelong current and future alumni relationship and connections; promote camaraderie between and among members through advocacy, communication and volunteerism;

To propagate the teachings, values and lifelong experiences inculcated by the Sisters of Mary Schools in the hearts and minds of its graduates; and

To keep current and future alumni well-informed of the events, news, happenings inside and outside the campuses of The Sisters of Mary School to make them participate and be more involved;

The Logo's Symbolism

The logo is a symbolic representation of the Association’s mission and vision. Simple as it is, the logo would like to emphasize the virtue of simplicity.Living a very simple life is one of the many values inculcated in the minds of each and every graduate in their stay at the Sisters of Mary School.

* the SOM logo at the center ----- symbolizes the Association's desire to put the SOM teachings at the core of all its endeavours, thus making them the Association's guiding principles.

* the SOM logo almost elevated and somewhat ready to be poured out ----- symbolizes the role of the Association in sharing the values and teachings of the Sisters of Mary School, in an effort to radiate these to the greater society, so as to influence and enrich the lives of others for the good and the improvement of the society, and consequently, of the entire people of God.

* the two entertwining circles obliquely positioned ----- symbolizes the great desires of the graduates of both the Talisay and Minglanilla capuses, of working hand in hand in an effort of improving oneself and others, maintaining a deep sense of humility and sincerity, knowing that the fruitfullness of one's effort is no more than sheer belessing from God given first of all through the Sisters of Mary and their respective family.

* the blue color ----- symbolizes every members' earnest devotion to Mary and their desire to propagating the same devotion.

* the white color ----- symbolizes Association's purity, in intentions and ideas.


The Association’s logo was designed and drawn by Ms. Veronica Timbang, and Arch. Ruben Rallos, who are both members of Batch 1994, the pioneers!

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