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Created under Announcement on January 10, 2017

Dear Alumni:

As one family and as a mother who cared for her beloved children or as a father who has been waiting for his children to let soar, face the challenges in the outside world and go back home, we want to know where and what you’ve been doing now.

We are in the process of updating our school database with your updated information when you graduate, which we think will be valuable in our School System, our Generalate office and the Foundation. It will also be in great support to your alumni association/ASMSI database.  And as a shepherd who looks after his flock, we want to gather back not just  few of you, but ALL of you! 

Please help us in this process by filling-up this online form ( Your information will be treated with high confidentiality and will not be used outside our SMS organizations. Please complete the form and inform as much alumni as you can to go to the same link and update their information.

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pazpedery on 04/20/2017
Hello. In the "For how long did you work?" after graduation part, the link I had has no option button for those who worked between a year to two years. I hope this could still be corrected. Thank you.

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