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September 21, 2014

Songdo Hall, MASMC, SMS Girlstown Complex, Biga II, Silang, Cavite


Meeting proper stated at 10:00 AM presided by ASMSI Cavite President: Bimbo Sulapas and ASMSI Cavite Secretary: Jennifer A. Garcia.

It started with welcoming remarks, invocation, reciting the vision and mission of the ASMSI and acknowledgement of all the batch representative attendees.


Aristotle Collado (2013)                                                          Arlene Ortiz-Allas (ASMSI Main Pres.)

Nory T. Leonardo (1995)                                                         Czarina Joyce L. Garcia  (2014)

Teresa Rejano (1998)                                                               Arnold Umilda (2014)

Buenaventura Castillo (1998)                                                Sara O. Gomez (2013)

Leo Privado (2000)                                                                   Albert B. Banel (2004)

Ronald B. Rodil (1999)                                                             Lester Millano (2005)

Aurelio Zaide (1993)                                                                 Cherry Ann Baria (2007)

Richard Delos Santos (1992)                                                  Paulo Juvillano (2013)

Julianuel J. Ente (2013)                                                            Leds E. Dela Serna (2003)       

Isih Quennie Melitante (2012)                                               Erwin Blancaflor (1990)

Gladys Cruzat (2005)                                                                Margie Relato (2003)


Team connection were done for about 20 minutes. All attendees were grouped with five members and all of them were given chance to share something that they are grateful for.

Meeting Proper followed immediately after team connection.


  1. Recall of previous Minutes of the Meeting
    1. ASMSI Website Activation – Batch Status

Graphical Status of Registered Members VS Active Members were presented to the batch representatives.  They were encourage to promote the activation of graduate’s registration through their FB Group.

  1. Fun Run Committed Runners per Batch – September 28 would be the deadline for the committed runners since officers need an exact figure for the planning of Fun Run Activity.

>Some concern were raised like, date and registration fee.

  1. ASMSI Operation Pledge per Batch (Price and Frequency)
    1. Last July Meeting, one of the batch representatives suggested if we could give them idea what are the operation of ASMSI, so we presented some of them like:

 Reply emails of graduates and companies queries

Posting announcement, news and events for ASMSI

Alumni ID

Text Brigade for Job Opportunities

Assisting graduates (inquiries from text or call and those who are coming here at Alumni Office)


  1. Batch representatives will open the issue again with their members and promised to give their feedback next meeting (October meeting).


  1. Updates

September 7 – Family Day / Visiting Day on all Campuses

  • Oplan Visiting Day was successful and we are thankful for those who really volunteer for this activity.

September 18 – Confirmation Day both Girlstown and Boystown

  • Some of our graduates share their time to be godfather and godmother.


  1. Calendar of Activities for October – December
  • October 1 – Birthday of Sisters, usually we give some birthday surprise for them, still open for suggestion.
  • Tentative Month for Batch 1991 Basketball League.
  • November – Batch 1990 Ticket Distribution
  • According to Kuya Erwin, all tickets are now ready for distribution, so we will move the distribution earlier, (October Meeting).
  • Sport Fest
  • December 7 – Marian Procession, graduates are encourage to come and join
  • December – Advent Recollection (Schedule to be announced)
  • December Christmas Party – need suggestions for the Christmas Party Activity


  1. Other Matters Discussed
  • COOP – since we are preparing and planning for the re-opening of COOP for the group, Sr. Mylene requested the batch representatives to suggest businesses for Coop.
  • Sr. Mylene and ate Arlene also asked help to look for someone who knows how to run Manpower Agency, since putting up Agency is one of the idea brought up which could help so much with our graduates.
  • Sr. Mylene suggested the officers to look after the strategies of ASMSI UAE which is, they plan the activity at least a year before. Be inspired and if we could, why not do the same.
  • Kuya Leo Privado suggested if ASMSI could have bulletin board so that graduates, especially those who are not active in Social Media, entering the campus would know updates about the organization.

Girlstown will use the bulletin board at the Gate Entrance, Boystown still need to check possible area.

  • Sr. Mylene also asked volunteer graduates who could help the school in strengthening techniques and strategies for K-12.
  • Sr. Mylene also suggested to have Spiritual Formation for the graduates.

After the agenda, attendees were asked to give their feedback about the meeting.

  1. What do you like about the meeting?
  • better place (close and private), with projector and presentation
  • with free lunch
  • interactive
  • gain more friends because of team connection
  • attendees stay up to the end of the meeting
  • team connection


  1. What could work better?
  • have more attendees


  1. What support you can give to alumni?
  • Time


Meeting was adjourned 12:30 noon

After lunch, some of the batch representatives and officers prayed Rosary at VOP chapel.




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Jennifer A. Garcia                           Bimbo Sulapas                      Arlene O. Allas               Sr. Mylene B. Arambulo,SM

ASMSI Cavite, Secretary       ASMSI Cavite, President          ASMSI President                          ASMSI, Adviser


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